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A  seven day eating holiday on the Isle of Wight

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Little Gems


Crab Cakes -  Beach Shack, Sandown - The best ever,

Fresh Crab Meat - Ventnor Haven Fisheries - has been established since 1830. The simple hut has gone and has been replaced with a splendid wet fish shop on the harbour wall. They sell freshly caught fish, freshly prepared crab and lobster and the seasonally short and rare

Crab Pasties - Crab Shed, Steephill Cove

Ice Cream - Minghellas, particularly the ginger

Clotted Cream, natural yoghurt and ginger pudding - from Calbourne Classics

Raspberry Meringue - Mojac's at Cowes -Still a top dessert 

Bembridge Prawns - a short and magical season, look out for them

Cream Cakes - The Old Smithy, Godshill - traditional meringues, choux buns great bonoffi pie at

Bronze Turkey- Brownriggs Poultry, Godshill. Superb quality

Isle of Wight Cherries - fat and tasty. I particularly like the pale golden ones. At various places when in season

Fish and Chips

Corries Cabin  Cowes, (They offer gluten free on Sunday and Tuesday which suggest these are the days they clean out their deep fat fryers - impressive)

Wootton Fish Bar - Wootton

Apple Fritters - Ventnor Pier - they are v.good

Sparkle Cake - End of the Line cafe - Freshwater


Why do some eateries refuse to take credit/debit cards if a customer spends less than 5 in some cases 10. It's is a kind of punishment for not spending enough. In some cases they even make a profit on this customer by making a surcharge of 1.00. When all cards are based on around 0.58 - 1.5 %  interest The charge say on a cup of coffee of 2.25 of a pound is a bit steep. I very rarely have cash on me so often where I eat lunch is dependent upon who will fine me for not spending enough. With an increasing number of solo diners it's about time these places reassessed their customer service policy.

NB. I have frequently walked out of a place after ordering soup and being told that instead of 4.25 it will cost me 5.25 if I pay by card

Padmore Lodge, Beatrice Avenue, East Cowes, Isle of Wight, PO32 6LP