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A  seven day eating holiday on the Isle of Wight

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PC means proprietor/chef


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A  seven day eating holiday on the Isle of Wight

PC = Chef/Proprietor led

Day 1

Spend a day around Cowes

Breakfast         - The Mess

Lunch              - The :Little Gloster Gurnard  PC

Dinner              - Mojacs – Cowes PC


Pick from the blackboard by the door. I can recommend the eggs Benedict

Take a long walk to Gurnard and enjoy a light lunch amongst the beach cabins at The Little Gloster,

Then walk back to Cowes and explore the world of sailing.  Enjoy Dinner at Mojac's don't forget their marvellous raspberry meringue dessert

Day 2

Early Lunch    - Beach Shack- Sandown PC

Afternoon tea     - Chessell Pottery – Chessell

Dinner            -  Smoking Lobster - Ventnor

Take a walk along Sandown revetment and partake in an early lunch of the best Crab Cakes on the Island - on sunny winter days they do good soups too.

Travel to the west wight to Chessell where you will find  Chessell Pottery and enjoy the best Cream tea on the Island.  You might even be able to decorate a pot. Why the best cream tea? answer -home made everything including the jam by a local jam maker

 Back to Ventnor for a seafood diner on the seafront.


 Day 3

Spend a day on the Beach  at Steephill Cove

Morning Coffee -       Tea House

Lunch  -                  Crab Shack PC

Afternoon Tea -       Botanic Gardens

Dinner  -               The Bonchurch Inn PC


Time for a lazy day of seafood indulgence.

Start the day with good coffee and cake at The tea House.

Drag yourself off the rocks/beach and stroll along (a few metres to the Crab Shack where a wonderful light lunch is to be had. Particularly the crab pasty and the Grilled mackerel Ciabatta.

Go back to Cove for an ice-cream and more laziness.

Drive or take a long walk to the little Inn hidden behind stone walls for a tasty Italian supper


Day 4

Lunch -             Quarr Cafe - Binstead


Afternoon tea -  Old Smithy- Godshill


Dinner -           Taverners - Godshill PC


Take a trip to Quarr Abbey. Look at the art exhibition and the history museum. Enjoy a light lunch.

Head towards Godshill village for shopping and explore the old village including the Church on the hill. Enjoy a cream cake at the Old Smithy. Great meringues. There are also some public footpaths around the village and across farm land.

After a good walk  make your way to the Taverner's Pub which is on the main road (It also has a Man Crèche for our hero's who prefer not to shop). What I like about the Taverner's is you never know what will be on the menu. It is often creative with little experimental gems slotted in.

Day 5

Lunch -            Beach Hut –Bembridge PC

Dinner -           Locks Lane - Bembridge PC


After pottering around the area, perhaps a visit to the Lifeboat which takes you down to the beach stroll along the beach heading South west until you come to the Beach Hut.

After a lazy lunch explore the coastal rout towards Ryde, via St Helens, and Seaview, perhaps a visit to the Wild Life Park and Island Made. Make your way back to Bembridge for a Bistro meal at Locks Lane

Day 6

Lunch -       Thompson's - Newport PC

Dinner -        Red Duster - Cowes PC


Mooch around Newport, perhaps visit the Quay art centre, and the Visitors centre in the Guildhall. Then enjoy a Fine Dining lunch at Thompsons.

Take a long walk, cycle ride along the river medina or drive into Cowes and have a good robust diner at the Red Duster  or the Grill

Day 7

Lunch -         Off the Rails

Dinner -          Seaview Hotel


From one end of the Island to the other enjoy a good lunch including their fab pud. Then  take to coastal drive stopping off at Ventnor, Shanklin, St Helens.

End up at Seaview Hotel for a great Dinner cooked for you by Liam.




Why do some eateries refuse to take credit/debit cards if a customer spends less than £5 in some cases £10. It's is a kind of punishment for not spending enough. In some cases they even make a profit on this customer by making a surcharge of £1.00. When all cards are based on around 0.58 - 1.5 %  interest The charge say on a cup of coffee of £2.25 of a pound is a bit steep. I very rarely have cash on me so often where I eat lunch is dependent upon who will fine me for not spending enough. With an increasing number of solo diners it's about time these places reassessed their customer service policy.

NB. I have frequently walked out of a place after ordering soup and being told that instead of £4.25 it will cost me £5.25 if I pay by card

Padmore Lodge, Beatrice Avenue, East Cowes, Isle of Wight, PO32 6LP